I Banged Your Mothership

We continue our journey through parts of the ship, with me haphazardly doing whatever and hoping that eventually a door will look like the correct one to go through. This method has yet to fail me, so I will stick with it forever.

Finally I end up on the bridge of the spaceship, where the alien captain is sitting in his chair while a bunch of other aliens hang out around him. I shoot him in the head and it goes flying the fuck off. I pop the heads off his alien buddies and begin celebrating my victory. Now, which button to go home…

I run around on the empty bridge looking for something I can activate, when the rest of my companions are suddenly on the bridge with me, and the samurai dude is back too! Good for him, wherever he was! They’re in awe of me and my amazing skills. Or…maybe in awe of the bridge of the spaceship. I like to pretend it’s because of me though. Good ol’ me! I’m the best!

Suddenly they all run to separate ¬†parts of the bridge and Sally says something about aiming the death ray and what is going on? Everyone else is so much better at suddenly knowing what’s happening. I realize then that there is another alien ship out there attacking the one we are on.

For. Fucking. Real?

Sally says to push the button to fire the death ray at it. But umm…I thought I…didn’t I break it? I went down there and pushed a bunch of buttons to break it. I was pretty sure I’d broken it. I push the button in front of me and the death ray fires at the alien ship. Hmmm.

I wonder what I broke then.

A bunch of aliens storm the bridge and we fight them off and I fire the death ray some more. Finally the other ship…blows up? I don’t remember seeing it blow up, maybe it just left. At any rate, we won!

Sally congratulates me and then tells me there’s a way to get back to the Capital Wasteland ¬†in the captain’s quarters. Thank fucking god. Sorry but I’m sick of this damn spaceship and sick of these stupid aliens. Bah! To all of you, I say. Bah!

I go look for the teleporter thing. Is this the Captain’s…no this room is super tiny. In here? Yeah here it is. Wow these are shitty quarters. Um, okay, I’ll see you guys later! I’m gonna go see if I can find someone who wants to buy all these “alien crystals.” SUCKERSSSSSS.

I beam back down to earth where, holy shit, Fawkes is still in this crater waiting for me! Fawkes! Fawkes! I’m back! Hurray!

We head back to Megaton and I sleep for 24 hours. Drink a whiskey. Go back to sleep.

No leave me alone.

We’ll go bug the purifier guy in the morning.

Some morning.

I don’t know which, I’m gonna sleep for….a while.

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