Where is My Mind?

Back in the Mojave, I headed to that NCR outpost that Cass hangs out at and asked if she wanted to kick it with me again for a bit. Of course she agreed, and I handed her some of my extra bottles of whiskey and let her try some of this “Wasteland Tequila” I’d been making, and also I’ve been experimenting making toilet wine with mutfruit if you want to try some of that.

We hang out for a while, shoot a bunch of dudes, and I take the time to buy up all the .308 ammo in town and all surrounding towns and then primer and lead to make more .308 ammo and then wait a couple days and do it all again. Finally I decide that we should head to this drive-in theater and check out the mysterious signal or whatever it is I’m supposed to be so interested in.

I arrive in the middle of the day to find a crashed satellite and go over to it. It tells me to come back later. You think you’re real funny, huh, satellite?¬†Fine. I wait til midnight and try again. Suddenly I get a PREMONITION that I am going to be taken somewhere and won’t be able to come back for a while and that I can bring all my stuff and after I finish there I can go back there and it was pretty long detailed premonition, really.

Suddenly after my novel of a psychic reading, I black out, watch a slide show and wake up in a tower or something. I am covered in scars and wearing a hospital gown so this is pretty much par for the course when it comes to my excursions. At least the last terrible trip resulted in me having a new booze I could make. Somehow I doubt this will have a recipe for Wasteland Spiced Rum but I’ll keep me eye out, I guess.

As a breeze flaps at the back of my gown, I check to see if all of my stuff was taken from me like it usually is when I’m kidnapped, only to find suprisingly that this time it wasn’t! Hey! Awesome! I get the fuck out of this gown and back into my combat armor, drink a much needed whiskey, and then find an elevator.

It drops me off in some place with lots of rooms, a bed, a kitchen, and all kinds of things that tell me they need other stuff to actually work. I take what I can and look around some more. I see two doors.


Uuuuuuh, BIG MT seems to be triggering a part of my brain that just adds all the letters it needs to say “BIG MISTAKE” so I head to the THINK TANK instead. As I enter, apparently a “feeling of pacification” comes over and I am unable to draw my weapon.

Then some talking robot, brain in a jar thing starts talking to me. Or at me. More…more AT me, really. As it talks it keeps saying something about scooping my brains out but uh..but I’m totally alive so um…haha, uh, clarification on that last bit there please? No? I…

The robot talks to well, itself but there seems to be several personalities within it. Then some other voice comes through on a screen and is threatening them, I’m really not clear because this shit is CRAZY, but well, I’m not surprised when my help is needed.

Yes, I will gladly help if I could just get clarification one on teensy weensy little detail here that you seemed to keep glossing over.

My brain.

What’s the uh, what’s the deal with my brain?

They confirm that it has been removed and replaced with mechanical…stuff. It doesn’t stop there though, nope. They removed my heart too. Aaaand my spine.

Well. Awesome. Can’t say I’m REAL pleased about this.

I think about the whiskey I drank a bit earlier. Oh no.

Am I drunk now? Can I still get drink, oh god, oh no, if I can’t get drunk anymore, I don’t know what I’ll do!

After leaving the Think Tank with a list of tasks to take care of I finally get a chance to check my Pimp Boy and see if I still have the will to live.

I am pleased to find that I am currently drunk. PHEWFTA.

Shortly thereafter, the whiskey wore off and I was even more pleased to find that not only had I been drunk, I am also suffering from an alcohol addiction.

Everything is as it should be.


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