I woke up still determined to get that booze from the X-12 building, so I needed to get that force field bustin’ upgrade for my sonic gun thing first. I groggily checked my Pimp Boy to see where it was. Back in the same goddamn building I had been in earlier? What the fuck.

I angrily get the upgrade and have to kill a bunch of other shit and then finally get back to the X-12 building.

I walk inside and immediately my clothes tell me we’re fighting. Whoa what? Fighting? I realize that the horrible skeleton-in-a-suit thing is under the forcefield, standing on a platform and just STARING at me.

Just. Staring.

Uuuuuh. I have a drink of tequila and decide to go hide in the corner for a minute until the totally way too creepy skeleton decides to go stare at something else with its empty black holes that used to contain eyes. As I’m huddled in my corner though, out of the skeleton’s line of sight, I suddenly see him start to RISE SLOWLY THROUGH THE FORCE FIELD.


He comes up all the way through the force field and fuck it, I start shooting at him. He has some large gun that is hurtin’ me a lot, but I manage to hit a stimpak and get him dead.

The VERY second he died.

All of a sudden.


Three more goddamn skeletons just appeared right on fucking top of me and started shooting.


In a panic, I start shooting all of them and somehow manage to get them all killed even though as I shot the last one, I had a very real fear that as soon as he dropped dead, 5 more skeletons would appear. Or even worse, 9 more skeletons. There was A LOT of worry in that moment.

Thankfully nothing happened and I caught my breath for a moment. I finally shot through the force field with my new gun upgrade and headed into the rest of the building to look for my booze.

I found an apple labeled as “Fresh” but I seriously doubted its freshness given how long I know that forcefield has been there.

Then I turned that building fucking UPSIDE DOWN looking for that booze and it was NOT FUCKING THERE. What in the fuck.

The fucking ordeal I just went through, and where the fuck is the goddamn battle brew?

I am very upset. All of my prizes for all of my work keep turning into nothing but more ordeals.

I did manage to find three empty whiskey bottles somewhere though. So fuck this place, I finally say to myself. I go to my apartment and I make a bunch of Wasteland Tequila. I’m gonna get drunk tonight one way or another.

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