Waistline in the Wasteland

Here is a page where I make recipes from the Wasteland! It might only be this one!

I got drunk the other night and bought all the ingredients for a Caravan Lunch. Or as close as I could manage in this non-post apocalyptic world. As you blog-readers know, I fucking love Caravan Lunches. I get excited when I manage to get all the ingredients together and head directly to a campfire. I DON’T EVEN CARE WHAT THEY DO FOR MY HEALTH OR ANYTHING. I JUST LOVE MAKING THEM.

I love cooking in this game and I cannot even explain way. Let me play a scene for you:

Me: (finding all the ingredients for trail mix in a single bag) OH FUCK YES! GONNA MAKE TRAIL MIX!
Husband: What does Trail Mix do?
Me: Um..it’s…Trail Mix? I don’t fucking know. TRAIL MIX BITCHES!

So the Fallout recipe calls for InstaMash, Cram, Pork N Beans, and a lunchbox.

Well fuck that lunch box, but I did get some instant mashed potatoes, Spam, and pork n beans!

And a “nuka cola” to wash it down with.

Aaaaaand it wouldn’t be a Wasteland post from me if there wasn’t also some whiskey, right?

I started by chopping up the Spam and heating it up in a dish with the pork n beans.

In a pot on the stove, I cooked up the instant mashed potatoes.

Oooooh man. Okay wait hold on. I need the whiskey first.

After downing my shot of whiskey, I dig in to my homemade Caravan Lunch.

Oh. My. God.


Maybe it’s because I’m so drunk, but holy shit this is delicious. I could barely contain myself eating this. I want to make this for my family at Christmas. I want to take this to potlucks. Holy shit.

I am ready for this to be the world.

Because it is fucking delicious.

I don’t know what in the recipe list I could possible make next, but I don’t think it could ever top this miracle food.

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