I’m Making My Own Vegas! With Blackjack! And Hookers!

Well, getting the luck implant and the naughty nightwear really turned things around at the casinos for me as I am now banned from all of them. I didn’t get any free drinks in the Ultra-Luxe at all while I was winning though. Is this a bug? Or is it that dead guy on the floor that’s supposed to be bringing them to me?

And for the record, I did not kill that guy. I don’t know WHAT happened.

I finally went and talked to Mr. House again, who immediately demanded I give him in the Platinum Chip. He got all like pissy at me when I refused at first and then fucking called me names! You want to piss me off, that’s a good place to start. Officially going to murder him. Call me a primate what the fuck, at least I can LEAVE THE FUCKING BUILDING you piece of shit.

Then he makes me go watch as he upgrades his robots or whatever and I’m like really? Missile launchers? The machine gun and laser wasn’t enough to keep Joe Gambler in line you think you need fucking missile launchers? Fucking overkill much buddy?

And for the record, I will still kick that robot’s ass.

Also, I threw all the books off your shelves. They are in a huge pile on the floor now. That’s right, your fucking World Book Encyclopedia? It’s allllll out of order.

And this table you had set? It’s not set anymore. Who the fuck are you setting a table for anyways, you ain’t got no friends and your robots don’t eat food.

Gonna. Murder. You.

So, yes, I have decided to go for an independent New Vegas, by which I mean I will hopefully be the only one left alive.

Also I shot that Crimson Caravan bitch for Cass and now the NCR thinks I’m a Soft-Hearted Devil instead of Unpredictable. Maybe they’ll stop telling me to pick a side now.

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