Et Tu, Blue?

I’m hanging with the Khans. I’m not entirely sure I love them because of how violent they seem, but I’ve never seen them crucify people so that’s a big plus. They’re thinking of allying with Caesar’s people though and I need some evidence that Caesar is an asshole to convince them not to. I guess all the DEMONSTRABLE BEHAVIOR isn’t enough. He wants me to get his book that is where? In Caesar’s tent. Fuck.

I can’t even get near it because they all hate me so much. I tried disguising myself and the dogs find me, and everyone in his tent immediately makes with the murdering and I tried a stealth boy but the same thing happened, so finally I decided my only option was the GUNS ABLAZING one.

I loaded up on ammo and chems, grabbed Cass and Rex, and hopped on the boat to the Fort. And then uh…killed everyone. Mostly with my most glorious sniper rifle. (ALL HAIL SNIPER RIFLE)

I walked into Caesar’s tent and BAM ONE SHOT RIGHT IN THE BRAIN. WAPOW.

After all was said and done, I looted all the bodies and tried to tell the slaves there to GO HOME, but they wouldn’t. They just said “excuse me.” I opened the gate for the Brahmin and yelled “RUN BRAHMIN! BE FREE! ROAM THE WILDERNESS.” But alas, even his spirit had been crushed.

I went to Freeside next and was jumped by a thug. Cass shot him and I spent a while trying to prop his body up on a bench all Weekend at Bernie’s style. By the time I had him sufficiently posed, ANOTHER thug comes at me. And while in the middle of making him look like he just fell asleep on a pile of rubble? Another thug! I hid him in a bus stop and hurried to go about my business before more dead bodies showed up.

To relieve the stress of the day, I went to visit Santiago at the Atomic Wrangler and as we got our groove on, Cass suddenly says.

“Be careful if we go off the road.”

Haha uh, okay! Not really on a road here!

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