I See Dead Hookers.

I spent most of yesterday hanging out in Gomorrah. It’s probably my least favorite casino on the strip honestly because everyone there just tells me to fuck off constantly. Though I hate the Ultra-Luxe too…maybe Gomorrah wins out just for the abundance of prostitutes.

These prostitutes by the way, love to tell me how “tasty” I look. And that if they weren’t working, they would show me a good time. You’re a prostitute. Showing me a good time is your work. Then a gambler mentions that things are alllll stirred up on the Strip lately and did I hear? Someone’s been inside the Lucky 38! Also, did Benny beg for it when you offed him? Huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgh I’M LEAVING.

I went upstairs to where there are lots of pool tables and decided to waste time there. I took one of the triangles and a bunch of balls and tried to rack them but it didn’t work so I threw them on the floor and jumped up and down on them for a while. Then I took the triangles from all the tables and try to arrange them in a tessellation on one table but that was taking too long so I climbed on the table and jumped up and down on them. Then I threw everything in the room on the floor, punched a few shot glasses and empty whiskey bottles and finally decided to get on with the mission I was half-assedly doing.

I go check on the Camden or Clamden or Clanden or whatever the fuck his name is and find out, of course, he’s killing hookers. I did something and he got mad and I murdered him. As I left the room, I shut the door and told the guard outside that everyone was, naturally, quite fine.

After finishing the mission, I was doing some more meandering in the hotel when I found the dude’s hooker killing room. I open the door and…out walks a hooker. I try to talk to her, but instead get a prompt to examine the body. Uuuh okay?


Whaaaaaa? She’s…alive though she’s looking right at me. She’s…telling Rex that’s not what they mean by doggy style. Now she’s looking at me. Oh god, hide.

I hide behind Cass. The hooker keeps staring at me. Go away Ghost Hooker. Go awaaaaaaaay.

Whiskey time.

Aaaaaaah she’s walking over here.

“You look tasty.”


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